To Be Posted


Business meeting in March. No business conducted (Secretary & Treasurer absent).
No meeting in January.


No meeting in September. NorCal Liberty Summit held 9-20-2013 to 9-22-2013
No meeting in December. Holiday Party on 12-15-2013


Robert’s Rules of Order:

Robert’s Rules of Order will govern on all matters not covered by LPSac’s Bylaws. Please see below for an overview of Robert’s Rules.

The Purpose:

  • Ensure majority rule
  • Protect the rights of the minority, the absentees and individual members
  • Provide order, fairness and decorum
  • Facilitate the transaction of business and expedite meetings

Basic Principles:

  • All members have equal rights, privileges and obligations
  • Full and free discussion of every motion is a basic right
  • Only one question at a time may be considered, and only one person may have the floor at any one time
  • Members have a right to know what the immediately pending question is and to have it restated before a vote is taken
  • No person can speak until recognized by the chair
  • Personal remarks are always out of order
  • A majority decides a question except when basic rights of members are involved
  • A two-thirds vote is required for any motion that deprives a member of rights in any way  (e.g., cutting off debate)
  • Silence gives consent. Those who do not vote allow the decision to be made by those who do vote
  • The chair should always remain impartial

For further information visit Robert’s Rules Online.